Finch Park Mountain Bike and Hike Trail

Lexington, NC

Cutting through the stunning woodland scenery of an established park and overlooking historical Abbott’s Creek, the 3.5 miles of Finch Park Mountain Bike and Hike Trail are pumping new life into the Lexington community. In the past 4 years this trail has continued to improve and is now a cherished spot for riders, trail runners, and yes, hikers!

Parking for the trailhead is immediately on the right as you come in the main entrance. You will notice the many ball fields, the playground, and picnic shelter, but to see the secret world within the woods requires some exploring.

The trail is scenic throughout, weaving through large hardwood trees, crossing streams, and passing between Abbott’s Creek and Finch Pond. Behind the pond, the trail leads to a 50 foot overlook of the bending Abbott’s Creek below – one of the best views in the park.

By Mountain Bike

If you want to go by bike, the many sections of trail offer an enjoyable ride for all levels of experience. There is a half mile beginner’s loop for those who are just getting a feel for trail rides and 1.5 miles dedicated to advanced riders. From the trailhead a smooth intermediate ride fills out with sharp turns and freshly constructed berms. The experienced biker can expect to get some air time on this trail with the proper speed, while beginners are provided with bypasses for the more difficult spots. The different zones of the red trail (shown on the left) are built for more advanced riders. And for the bike nerds there are a number of technical features like bridges, jumps, rock gardens and large berms. A favorite berm is known as Himalaya, named for the similar centrifugal force of the classic revolving fair ride.

On Foot

Although the trail is built for mountain bikes, it’s also an enjoyable journey by foot. A popular spot for trail runners and local cross country teams, Finch Park Bike and Hike Trail offers plenty of mileage and scenery that ought to be explored whether you have a mountain bike or not.

In addition, there is a half mile walking trail bordering Finch Pond for hikers. Bikers tend to ride the trail counterclockwise so it is recommended that those on foot follow the loop clockwise.

Trail Events

Finch Park MTB Trail is gaining a bigger and bigger reputation for its quality trails and now regularly hosts renowned events. 

Roadies and Dirties Cycling Club

In the 1990s, the original Finch Park Mountain Bike Trail was built by a handful of dedicated mountain bikers, but over time that trail became neglected. In the last 4 years, the trail has been restored and significantly modernized through the collaboration of Roadies & Dirties Cycling Club and City of Lexington Parks and Recreation. The Roadies and Dirties created and maintain both these trails and others. With more projects in the works, this dedicated group is putting Davidson County of the MTB Map. If you’d like to get involved check out their webpage.

Thank you to Cary and Grace Kanoy of GeoCore Creative for many of the photos.