Not on the Farm Run 2020

Piedmont Land Conservancy is hosting the Annual 2020 Farm Run… Just not on the Farm this year.

So where else should you complete your 5k? For a cause this good, you bet we put together some ideas for you.

Woodland Trail (.75 miles)
Perimeter Trail (1.5 miles)

Try this Winston-Salem favorite, not far from the usual Crossnore Farm venue. Reynolda is well know for its gardens but did you know about the trails on the other acres of this property?The area know as the “Greater Gardens” feature two trail options that start together and split part-way through. Two laps on the Perimeter Trail (1.5 miles) or four laps on the Woodland Trail (.75 miles) will get you to 5k status! Check out the map to see the trails.

Several parking lots are available in the Reynolda Village area. See the map for more info.

Looking to hike your 5k? Try Knight Brown Nature Preserve. This beautiful 189 acre wooded preserve near Belews Lake (protected by our heroes at Piedmont Land Conservancy) has a series of 3 trail loops with mild rises and falls. The trail descends into a valley and weaves along with a stream that cuts through the forest floor. If you hike the Red and Yellow loops once, and the shorter Green loop (Beechwood Bottom Loop) twice, you will have completed your 5k!

Tanglewood Multi-Use Trail (2.2 miles)
Yadkin River Nature Trail (2.46 miles)

Tanglewood’s multi-use paved loop is often a host for 5k races so why not take the Not on the Farm Run to this beautiful spot? One and a half laps and you’ve knocked out that 5k! Parking for this trail can be found by taking an immediate left upon first entering the park. On your right you’ll see the paved path and a pocket for parking.

A second option at this beautiful park is to take your 5k for a hike. The Yadkin River Nature Trail is a natural surface loop trail right by the Yadkin River. To get to this trail pass through the entrance gate and continue straight. Shortly after passing the tennis courts take a right onto River Birch Creek. After the road slopes downward you’ll see a pond on the right and on your left will be a small parking lot for the trail. See the trail map.

What better way to remember what you’re running for than taking your 5k to land protected by Piedmont Land Conservancy? The Black Walnut Bottoms Loop in Bethania is a 1.4 mile loop on some flat land that once was Moravian farmland. Do it twice and a *little* extra and you’ve reached your 5k! 

People love this greenway in western Winston-Salem because it’s scenic (how’s running by a horse pasture sound?) and very flat. At 2.9 miles total, you’ll have to track your own distance to know when you’re far enough out to turn around and run or walk back. But with the golden flowers showing off this season (Bidens Aristosa), it’s a beautiful place for your Not on the Farm Run. Choose from two access points, Jamison Park or Robinhood Road Parking. See the addresses above.