Safety in Corridors
Greenways and trails often function as viable transportation corridors. Trails can be a crucial element to a seamless urban or regional multi-modal transportation system. (Source: Rails to Trails) Trails provide safer travel for pedestrians and cyclists. They keep citizens and their families a safe distance from major roads while simultaneously emerging them into the natural beauty of their community.

Many people are bicycling and walking more because these alternate modes of transportation provide them with various benefits. Some of those benefits include: a cheap and effective way of traveling, helping to reduce emissions from cars and buses, as well as helping to fight off diseases related to inactivity or lack of exercise. With an increase in bicyclers and walkers, there’s also an increase in the capacity of multiple public transportation systems. Having more people utilize their bicycles for their commute can also decrease the amount of stress for commuters on busy highways and interstates. (Source: Encouraging Bicycling and Walking: The State Legislative Role)

(Photo credit: Action Greensboro)